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Christian Fish


Christian Fish Charm in Sterling Silver - $62.50

The first couple of centuries after Christ's ascension were difficult ones for the tiny minority of Christian followers. Persecution by both Roman and Jewish leaders drove the religion underground, and secret symbols and signs were used by Christians to identify one another. The Fish is one of those ancient secret signs. During an innocent conversation one Christian would casually draw an arc in the dust with his staff or toe. If the other person was not Christian they would ignore the innocuous movement. If they were Christian, they would quietly touch the arc and trace an opposing arc across the first, forming the shape of the fish, which in turn referred to the Miracle of the loaves and the fishes. In relative safety, they could then discuss their upstart movement. The fish actually predates the cross as the leading symbol of Christianity, especially since the cross was still in use by the Romans as a method of execution. Our Christian Fish charm recalls the simplistic double arc and the unstoppable spread of the religion it represented

Listed price* is for the Charm only, in Sterling Silver. All jewelry designs are available in Sterling Silver, 14K Yellow or 14K White Gold.

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